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       An excerpt of Houses we have built and applications using MofAB System panels.
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MofAB SystemFactory Operations        
  Polystyrene blocks for production of panels   Ready-made panels...   ...leaving the presses...   ...picked from the production line   and put on a sled for immideate exit.
Houses built by MofAB System            
  Villa in Hofterup, Sweden, 127 m2, 1998. Mortar.   Villa in Löddeköpinge, Sweden, 130 m2, 1999. Wood panels.   Villa in Landskrona, Sweden, 240 m2, 2008. Mortar.     Small house/cottage for deliverance to customer. Various types. Wood panels or mortar.
  Villa in Staffanstorp, Sweden, 120 m2, 2004. Wood panels.      

Allergen free Day care center, Malmö, Sweden. 360 m2, 2006. Wood panels.

Building with regular tools            
  We used this tool...   and this...   and this...   and this...   and this standard level
  and this...   and this saw...   and this...   and these two handy guys...   to build this little storage house-to-be...
  and this well insulated and sturdy villa. Roof coating and mortar will come.                
Construction and extra installation details        
  Simple attachment - corner joints   Wall joints   The pipes are already prepared for in the foundation.   Water is installed inside the inner walls.   Electricity, telephone wires and internet cables are drawn inside the inner wall
Light industrial applications            
  Light industrial applications   Light industrial applications   Light industrial applications        
Building storage room, garage and freezer room with MofAB System
    Putting up supporting structure   Adding panels     Finalising
  Buliding a new garage next to a house   Inside the garage - supporting structure   Garage entrance     Roofing solution for the freezer
We deliver prefab walls for the local market.        
  Prefab panel blocks leaving the factory   Casted foundation on site   Using lift   Putting panels in place   4 hours later
  Day 2 - Gables...   ...roof construction elements is finished   and roof elements are laid.   Roof construction from inside.   All set, before spartel and mortar.
Building a house in Venezuela.        
  Panels produced in the factory   Building kit packed in container   Foundation prepared by local workforce   Panels delivered    
  Panels and roof in place   Walls painted            

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