Speed and quality... 

            FlexiHouse is a Swedish company.
          We offer a unique sustainable building
          and housing concept - world wide.

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Speed does not exclude quality!

Our technology allows us to offer you rapidly built
high-quality houses. Our offer includes a building
solution for a large variety of applications.

In addition to that, we have a particular interest
in providing a building solution that contributes to
sustainable development.


Our houses have many benefits.

For the builder:

  • Light and simple to handle -easy to cut, drill and saw.
  • Rapidly mounted -32 manhours for a 100 sqm house.
  • Labor friendly -regular low protection level.
  • No heavy machinery -a minimum of tools needed.




  For the owner:
  • Very well insulated -1.7 times swedish normal standards per cm.
  • Very sturdy -thanks to our steel and concrete structure.
  • Fire proof -meets high international standards.
  • Mould proof- high alcalic element surface.
  • Insect proof -no nutrition available.
  • Earthquake proof -extremely light weight in proportion to structure.


  Our materials contain no allergens.


Our technolgy enables our customers to build sturdy, energy efficient houses. We provide a building solution that is versatile
and adaptable to any local conditions. Be it a chicken shack, a day care center, an icehouse, or a hangar, we can deliver.
Be it elements of 1 cm or 40 cm thickness, you are free to decide.

We deliver everything you need for mounting onsite. For large scale projects we welcome local partners. 
Our idea is to help you release a potential for delivering sustainable building solutions, by providing our knowledge and expertise.


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